Internship News

Hello again everyone,

So I come bearing good news. I got an internship opportunity this summer in New York with Italian Vogue Editor Patti Wilson. I wish I could give some sort of eccentric story to explain how I got this opportunity but it’s a pretty underwhelming development. Basically I woke up one day, just like any other day, pondering what to wear and I thought to myself, “I should really find a career that involves styling.”

I took to Instagram moments later and began looking at models accounts, because they sometimes tag the people they worked with on a shoot. I came across Patti’s account and saw her as a very cool woman. I then continued to message her but knew she’d probably never see it since she has thousands of followers.

Then came the google hunt for her email, which I ended up finding. About a day later I received an email from Patti’s manager and we agreed to discuss future endeavors.

This was back in January.

Fast forward, here we are in March and I have one week of school left before spring break. What are my plans for break? Glad you asked.

I’m going to New York to work for the week. I figured it’d be good to get a start on this internship in spring so I won’t be completely lost come summertime. A lot of people have asked me how I feel about it and to tell you the truth I don’t quite know how I feel yet. I’m both eccsatic and nervous, but also realize I haven’t accomplished anything yet. I got the opportunity to do it, that’s great and all but now I have to prove myself.

As I’ve been typing this up I’ve been distracted numerous times, but the funny thing is I end up looking at street style photos on Vogue or scroll through peoples instagrams in search of inspiration. All of these things match up into one core passion which is fashion. I didn’t even mean for that to rhyme.

I’m completely enamoured with this world. Fashion I mean. It’s so powerful to me and I think I’ve always had this longing to start a new dialogue but maybe I never knew where. There’s so much happening in culture right now and it’s all shown on the runway. This internship means a lot to me because it’s not just something I’, doing to put on a resume. I actually want to understand this industry and all that goes into it. I want to ask a million questions and meet people.

I’ve said it before but I need to be in New York. There’s so much to be inspired by and there’s so much to see. I don’t think I could ever be bored there. Something as simple as walking down the street is enough for me.

A lot of updates to come.

Nostalgic/Futuristic T-Shirts

I was fooling around with some T-shirt designs tonight and got super sentimental out of nowhere. It got me thinking about the concept of T-shirts in general, how simple and yet extraordinary they are. Whenever you think of a plain white T, you just think of an essential item. So I thought, how do I make such a common essential item somewhat different. So I just wrote nostalgic paragraphs on them, but with a hint of future in them. Crazy right? Here they are. Also, I am attempting to submit these to Dazed Digital so we’ll see how that goes.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 9.20.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 9.20.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 9.20.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 9.21.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 9.21.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 9.21.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 9.21.38 PM.png

Invisible Chicago

I'm beginning a project called Invisible Chicago. I've been wanting to do this for a while but it was just a matter of mustering up enough courage to walk up to a complete stranger and take their picture. That's only part of what Invisible Chicago is about. 

This project will be all about the people of Chicago that are often neglected. People such as window washers, street cleaners, garbage men, the homeless, creatives, etc. Often times we pass by these people and fail to realize that everyone has an amazing story to tell. Stories that shape their life and who they are. I will be uncovering these stories. 

All of my life I've enjoyed hearing stories as well as telling them. Invisible Chicago allows me to do exactly that. There has been countless occasions where I'll be walking the streets of Chicago and I'll pass a man power washing on Michigan Avenue at the crack of dawn. I pass by people like this and want to stop and firstly thank them for their work, but I want to hear a story. I want to know what exactly it is that gets them out of bed each day. These people's stories are just as important as anyone else's. 


Say no less

The past few days have been going exceptionally well for me and it's because I'm attempting to end my lazy habits.

It all started last Sunday when I decided it would be a fun idea to go to the cubs game with my roommate. He obliged, then told me that he had an apartment tour scheduled for us prior to the  game. 

Him and I are currently in a (sorta kinda desperate) search for an apartment in the city. School doesn't start for about another month so we got some time. 

Sunday morning I was dropped off in Lincoln Park, which was nice because I hadn't been back there since moving out of my dorm in early June. 

Sunday morning was just the beginning of my good days to come. It was a beautiful morning and the aroma of summer in the city filled my head with nothing but positivity. My roommate wasn't downtown yet so I decided to go for a walk. 

Walking in Lincoln Park and surrounding areas never gets old, and I think that I somehow lost that feeling of liveliness when returning home to the suburbs after school ended. I love the suburbs, but it doesn't beat the city. 

Sunday ended up being a great day, my roommate and I found an apartment and even though the cubs got smoked by the pirates, it was fun just being at the game. 

Fast forward to Monday.

I am working at a production studio in the city which I love so far. It's nice being able to wake up and look forward to going to work. The thing that makes this job even better is the fact that it's in the city. 

I woke up more excited than usual to start my day. I went into Monday telling myself it would be a good day and it was. 

The best day of all was yesterday.

After leaving work Monday I thought it would be a cool idea to wake up early, come downtown to the lakefront and rollerblade. That's exactly what I did.

My friend Brett and I hopped on an early train and laced up our rollerblades as soon as we got to millennium park. We covered about 15 miles altogether yesterday. While I thought we'd spend more time blading the lakefront, we ended up weaving in and out of people throughout the city. Also a little side note, we went into 7/11 for drinks but they kicked us out because we were shirtless and had rollerblades on. The guy said their insurance didn't cover us...

It was definitely a day to remember and another day of happiness. I am in the office right now writing this blog. I have a strong feeling today's going to be a good day. 

My crew

I figured the first post on my blog should go out to the people who have made me the man I am today. Mom and dad, if you're reading this please STOP here. This post goes out to the guys who I've created lifelong memories with.  

Alex, Jimmy and Brett. 

These are names that will stick with me till the day I die. Although that may sound drastic, it's the truth. These are the guys I can count on for just about anything. I'll begin with how I was fortunate enough to meet these degenerates.

I met Alex back in seventh grade when I transferred from public school to private school. Alex was in sixth grade at the time and after talking with some people, I found out that he played hockey. This was around the time I started playing hockey and I was trying desperately to build a network of strictly hockey friends (I don't even know why). 

One weekend Alex and I were at the same soiree, so I felt obligated to finally introduce myself. A quick side note about me; I am awful at making the first move when it comes to conversations. Alright I'm really not that bad but for some odd reason I force myself to meet people. 

So I approach Alex and completely embarrass myself. This was one of those conversations that stick with you forever, and sometimes haunt you. Alex knew of me previous to this horrendous conversation, but we never talked. It went like this:

Me: "Hey, you're Alex right?" (at this point I was already beating myself up)

Alex: "Yeah what's up"

Me: "You play hockey?"

Alex: "Yep"

Me: "Nice nice... Alright good meeting you man"

To this very day, I think of that conversation and cringe a little bit. I wouldn't talk with Alex until two years later when we played on the same hockey team. During that year we developed a close friendship. Of course I brought up that first conversation we had back in middle school and we just laughed. 

It just so happens that Jimmy was on the same team as Alex and I that year. Jimmy is another guy that I knew of at the time but we never talked. Him and I clicked right away. Thankfully there wasn't an awkward conversation between us. 

Back then Jimmy and I used to do this thing where we'd sneak out late at night and walk to the 7/11 that was near his house. I thought it would be a good idea to start documenting these trips we had. The videos seemed cool at the time because we felt rebellious. Sometimes we would walk, other times we'd ride this tandem bike. 

I would say that Jimmy and I have always been the eccentric ones in my friend group. We had no shame riding that tandem bike, even in broad daylight. RIP to that beautiful form of transportation. 

Alex introduced me to Brett (we call him BC). I first met BC in Alex's basement back in high school. It was just us two playing Xbox and Alex got the idea to invite BC over. Now, let me explain my thought process that night. I knew of BC at the time (it seems like every hockey player knows of each other), and I knew that he was extremely good at hockey. This sort of intimidated me, but I wasn't going to say no to having him over. 

So BC comes down in the basement and Alex introduces me. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. We just all sat down and played Xbox. The great thing about BC is that our friendship came naturally. It was as if him and I had been friends for a lifetime that night. We shared laughs and got to know each other well. 

If you haven't caught on by now, all of us met through hockey. 

While some of the best memories I have with these guys involve playing hockey, the best memories are shared away from the rink. For instance the times that Jimmy and I would ride that rusty tandem bike around town, or the time I should've received a PhD for taking care of Alex on my 17th birthday (you guys know what I'm talking about), and especially the times BC and I would converse about all aspects of life while sitting around a bonfire. 

There's no question that these guys have shaped me into the man I am today. Here's to another great summer.